Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Talk the Talk, Wok the Wok (Part 4)

Accessories! That's the topic for today's final post in the "Talk the Talk, Wok the Wok" series. Obviously, the accessories I will be talking about today are not the Glitz! and Glam! seen on famous celebrities (who would want to wear a wok brush anyway?). No no no. The accessories I'm going to talk about are the equiptment that will make cooking with a wok a little easier.

1. Wok brush
This is a great tool for cleaning a wok. It is make up of a stiff bundle of thin bamboo splints.

2. Wok ring
Remember this? I mentioned this in part 2. This is necessary for round-bottomed woks to stand on an American stove. Simply put this underneath the wok when you are about to cook with it, and you won't have to worry about your wok tipping over!

3. Bamboo steamers
These are useful if you want to steam with your wok. Simply fill your wok with water, and place the steamer on a trivet (metar or bamboo) over the water. Arrange food, cover, and steam!

4. Metal steamers
Another useful tool for steaming. However, food tends to stick on them - so be sure to use a leaf of cabbage or moist paper towel to prevent sticking.

Ok, that's it! That's the final post in this series! Fast, wasn't it? Well, hopefully I have explained the basics of the wok reasonably well. After you know what's good and what's not, it makes the thought of owning a wok less daunting. Now, I am proud to say that you can officially - ok, maybe not so officially - TALK THE WALK AND WOK THE WOK! (Hey, it's the last post of the series. Corny, I know, but a guy's gotta try!)

To your wok happiness!