Monday, March 24, 2008

Chicken lettuce wraps.

They are D-E-LICIOUS! The first time I remember trying a chicken lettuce wrap was 2 years ago. It was in P.F. Chang's China Bistro. Despite the fact that the restaurant was run by NO ASIANS whatsoever, the food was pretty good. But the chinese chicken lettuce wraps - THE CHINESE CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS! They were just tops.

Warm salty, savory, sweet, peppery diced chicken mixed with red peppers, carrots, and scallions were wrapped in a crisp fresh leaf of lettuce. It was MAGICAL!

The fresh crunch of the lettuce, even though you may think, It's just lettuce, was a stark contrast to the glazed chicken filling. When I ate that chinese chicken lettuce wrap, I was glad I came to P.F. Chang's China Bistro instead of the neighborhood McDonald's.

I highly recommend all you people out there to try a CHINESE CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAP! If not try it, go make it!

Here's a link to Rachel Ray's recipe for chicken lettuce wraps (and it only takes 25 min!):,,FOOD_9936_27790,00.html



Anonymous said...

more and more ways to eat food huh??

cool, now everyone knows about all the things that can go wrong with your body when you eat food.

sry, nothing better to say.

Vrushabh S.

S said...

I <3 Chicken lettuce wraps,

I tasted them at PF Changs. Yummm delicioso...


thats what she