Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vietnamese roll.

I use to get mixed up about the "rolls." Whenever I heard the word spring roll, vegetable roll, or egg roll the same image would always come into my mind - that oily fried log you get in Asian take out boxes (I never really liked any of those rolls). So then, when my friend told me that he would bring in Vietnamese rolls to class one day, I thought, Ugh. Not another oily fried log!

Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. What my friend brought in the next day was no oily fried lump/log/whatever, it was a roll of tranclucent rice paper wrapper with a seafood and veggie filling. And it was delicious!

Thin chewy ricy wrapper filled with crunchy fresh bean sprouts, bright mint, straight from the sea baby shrimps, and strips of carrots. When I took my first bite into it - I nearly jumped back! It was so simple, yet so unexpected and flavorful. I was blown away.

My friend so happened to be Vietnamese (so I knew the roll I tasted in class was straight from the best). However, if you don't know someone who is Vietnamese that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun! Instead of ordering Asian take out that comes with oily "logs," try ordering a Vietnamese roll. You'll be glad you did - healthwise and tastewise!

Here's a great recipe Rachel Ray found for Vietnamese rolls - its called a "Vietnamese Burrito!":,,FOOD_9936_23136,00.html


Anonymous said...

OMG i love these! harrison brought them in long ago, right? its ahmazing...good job with your blog. its very informative!


S said...

omg...i've actually tasted these. we had them in seventh grade...Mrs. Bush ahhh good times...teachers pet is a difficult occupation

anyway, they're really delish.

btw, your descriptions are written really well. and its informative. i luv how u started with rice.