Monday, March 31, 2008

Scallion pancakes.

If there ever was such a thing as Asian tortillas, then scallion pancakes would be it. I love tortillas, especially as a burrito wrapper, however, tortillas eaten by itself tastes so bland and boring. To me, it's basically like a squished slice of bread.

Scallion pancakes are a whole different story. They, on the otherhand, are MEANT to be eaten alone. And who wouldn't want to eat it that way? Scallion pancakes are tender and flaky (weird, I know), pan fried till golden, rip-able, salty, mildly oniony, finger food. No knife or fork please!

But now I am getting ahead of myself. You are probably thinking, What is this crazy person talking about scallion pancakes? Do you put scallions in Bisquick mix? Don't fret. Scallion pancakes (as well as many other so called Asian "pancakes" apparently) are nothing like regular old breakfast pancakes. While the breakfast pancakes you are probably use to are fluffy and spongy, scallion pancakes are crusty and have many thin layers when you pull it apart.

I simply love scallion pancakes. My grandpa would make it all the time when I was a kid, and even now I still have fun ripping one apart and seeing the green flecks of scallion pieces spread throughout.

I really could talk about scallion pancakes FOREVER, but that would get boring. Why not try one for yourself and taste/smell/experience what I am talkin about.

Here's a link to Ming Tsai's recipe for scallion pancakes with a ginger dipping sauce:,,FOOD_9936_8,00.html

It's a perfect side dish (or main entree for me) that can be eaten anytime of the day!


Anonymous said...

nice dan.. u are the ultimate singing cool =D
once again very informative
i should really try one of those

btw the panda was a nice touch =D