Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eel sushi.

Have you ever tried eel? Hey, don't give me that look. You heard me right - have you ever tried eel? Well, if you haven't, then you've been missing out my friend.

Ok, so you are probably thinking, People eat eel? That electrifying long snake thing? Don't worry. Eel isn't as bad as it sounds. Beyond the electrifying and snake like appearance, eel meat is pretty much like a thin strip of fish. And when it is roasted - WHEN IT IS ROASTED! - words can not describe its taste (hey but I could try right?).

Sweet, savory, melt-in-your-mouth, rich eel meat.

It tastes way better than any fish fillet I've ever eaten. It is so rich and buttery that I almost feel guilty if I eat another bite of it. "Almost," I said, almost. In actuality, I could probably eat a whole plate of roasted eel by itself breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and still not be sick of it. To me, it's like candy.

Then, if eel couldn't get any better - it did. It was put in sushi. Eel sushi is like eating grownup candy. It is sweet, satisfying, and good for you! Eel has A, B1, D, and E vitamins. Eel also has good unsaturated fatty acids that lower blood pressure, promote healthy brain function, and promote good eyesight. Good for you and tastes like candy? You would be crazy not to give eel a try!

Personally, I could eat roasted eel right by itself, but that's kind of weird. So, here are some suggestions for recipes with eel. The Japanese were right on the money when they made eel sushi. So, definitly give that a try. Simple wrap a block of rice and a piece of roasted eel meat with a thin strip of seaweed. Or incorporate eel, avacado, and cucumber (in any mix) into a sushi roll.

Here's Rachel Ray's recipe for a fantastic Unagi roll (Japanese word for freshwater eel):,,FOOD_9936_23139,00.html


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S Strikes again. woot.

btw, eel sushi, never tasted it, but it sounds ok. actually, im allowed to eat it because its poultry and NOT sacred. ha take that.