Monday, March 24, 2008


I love rice. What more is there to say? Just imagine a big bowl of hot fluffy rice ready to go - ready to accompany a bite of sweet and sour pork or garliky bok choy. Mmhmmm. Boy oh boy doesn't that sound good?

I love rice. fried rice. sticky rice. rice in soup. buttered rice. sushi rice. rice balls. rice rice rice rice RICE! Maybe if I say it too many times, I'll get sick of it.


Maybe it's because rice comes from my homeland. Maybe its because it's fun to eat it grain by grain. Maybe this or that. Either way, I still love rice.

I have to go now. And it is not because I am tired of saying rice - RICE! Mom's calling, and I have to go eat my dinner of, you know what I am going to say...rice!

GO RICE! Visit to test your vocabulary skills as well as to help donate rice to those who need it!


Anonymous said...


I simply cannot live without this wonderful concoction!!!!!!! mmmmmmmm...

tastes soo good, and what a lot of people probably don't know is that, there are many different kinds of rice, including basmati, barley, and fried.

They all taste really good.

Anonymous said...



Teresa=Black Rice

Ann= Pure Asian Rice

Vlassenko= Bread w/Fungus


Shaili said...

haha i love rice too dan


it rockssss. <3

S said...

Wow Daniel I actually commented. Ask me who I am later.

Not allowed to post name...shhh.


Anonymous said... anonymous... =D

so. i finally checked ur blog out Dan...amazing.
pure genious.
i must say you are the next Racheal Ray...
Hmm maybe you can be a singing cook... cuz you're such a brillaint singer as well lmao
I'm still waiting for the next episode of the Daneil Chronicles.