Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peking Duck.

Need I say more? Crispy thin skin around juicy warm duck meat. It's to die for. On weekends, Mom likes to buy a steamy box of Peking duck from our neighborhood Asian Food Market. It is so good.

I've tried two different kinds of Peking duck dishes in my life. Peking duck - alone - with a dip of soy sauce (so simple and delicious!) and Peking duck with pancakes, scallions, and hoisin sauce spread (which is usually found in many Chinese Buffets).

I know. You are probably thinking, Pancakes with duck? Don't worry. Asian pancakes are not the same as regular old American pancakes. Asian pancakes are light fluffy and not wheaty at all. They are like little clouds of bread, and they are good!

Then, when this cloud is filled with succulent Peking duck, fresh crunchy scallions, and sweet savory hoisin sauce...you have a masterpiece! I first discovered this dish when I went to my area Asian buffet (Super Star East Buffet). The restaurant even had their own little station and chef for making Peking duck with pancakes. I even got to build my own little sandwhich!

Definitly, if you have time, go to an Asian buffet and try their Peking duck!

Here's a link to Ming Tsai's recipe for Peking duck and pancakes:

Have a delicious time! (I know you will!)


S said...

Sorry but EWWWWWW.....duck?

They're so cute and they SWIM. omg.

light and crispy. ew.

oh btw, im not a vegetarian but there is an overpopulation of poultry, even in this day and age. Therefore, by eating ALREADY KILLED ANIMALS from the supermarket, i am simply progressing with the natural ecosystem currently used by people across the world.